AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest

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When I was invited to this I was so excited, but I was totally stupid, read the email wrong, and up until the day itself thought it was to be held outside Manchester Town Hall, not Bolton Town Hall. I’m ridiculous. I know. But that’s another matter, and one I’m sure my friends will never let me live down. Thanks, guys.

I’ve quickly been able to get over that embarrassing hiccup. I’m hoping Aiden Byrne is able to do the same, after this disappointing and tasteless so-called Pop-Up restaurant, which was priced at £60 per head and was held in the event’s ‘luxury marquee’. Continue reading “AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest”

Sam’s Chophouse, Manchester

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There a lot going on in the Manchester food scene at the moment. Burgers are still popular. As is curry. And street food. And pizza.

And I pretty much I love all of those things.

But, when Milo from Sam’s Chophouse got in touch to invite me to review their new menu, I was intrigued and delighted and couldn’t wait to try it. Continue reading “Sam’s Chophouse, Manchester”

Getting Dirty at Almost Famous

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Last weekend I headed over to Almost Famous to try their current burger offerings. Specifically, two burgers that are limited edition: Continue reading “Getting Dirty at Almost Famous”

The Revival of Altrincham Market

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Today I’m posting an article I wrote some time ago* for As Jo needed to free up some space on her site, the article is available again. So as I really enjoyed writing it, I thought I’d re-share it on the blog. Hope you enjoy.

At Taste Today, you know we love good food. Particularly when it’s local, fresh and made with plenty of love. Especially when it’s well located with a bustling atmosphere making it a great place to sit, chat, and chow down. The perfect recipe for good times… we think so. And boy do they roll at Altrincham’s wonderfully renovated Market House.

Continue reading “The Revival of Altrincham Market”

Eating out at The Bear’s Paw, Sandbach

At home, The Bear’s Paw has always been a bit of a household name. It’s that beautiful pub nestled in the stunning countryside in a quaint village called Warmingham. Down the ‘back lanes’ in the middle of Sandbach and Middlewich, and not too far from Crewe. Continue reading “Eating out at The Bear’s Paw, Sandbach”

Vegan Eats at GRUB, Manchester

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Vegan food seems to divide opinion, particularly based on some of the social media comments I’ve read recently. But there’s no denying it’s showing up on my social media feeds, food events and menus more. than. ever. So what’s all the fuss about?

Continue reading “Vegan Eats at GRUB, Manchester”

My Sydney Cheap Eats List

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This week I’m letting you in on the best (and cheapest) things I ate in Sydney.

I was visiting over Christmas 2016, and was at the beginning of a long backpacking trip; so being careful not to spend all my money. I was there for two weeks an whilst staying on-budget, I tried to get out to as many foodie hot spots as I could afford.

Sydney is an expensive city (£3 for one avocado?!) so all my ventures out were of the ‘cheap eats’ variety. Here’s my top five recommendations:

Continue reading “My Sydney Cheap Eats List”

A summer’s evening at Sarafina

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As you know, I’m still adjusting to normality after six months away from home. And as a reader of my blog (thanks by the way, love you) you’ll also know I’m a massive fan of Italian food. In 2015, I was a judge for Manchester’s first Italian Awards where I was sent up and down the region tasting some of the best Italian scran the North West has to offer.

Continue reading “A summer’s evening at Sarafina”

Best Places to Eat in Bali

I know I’ve kept you all in suspense and it’s taken me months to publish my first travel post. Truth is, I’ve been enjoying every minute and making the most of it; filling my time with eating, drinking, meeting new people and exploring new places. Southeast Asia really does offer some first-class ways to procrastinate.  Continue reading “Best Places to Eat in Bali”

Dining at Gusto, Knutsford

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A local restaurant review on the blog today, of Gusto in Knutsford, has anybody been? Knutsford is a lovely town, and it’s food and drink scene is pretty on point. Princess Street or ‘top street’ mainly consists of shops, a good butchers, some cafes and the newly opened Lost and Found restaurant in the old town hall, which I have yet to visit. But, as you walk down ‘bottom street’, or it’s official name, King Street, you start to realise how many dining out options they have in such a small space.  Continue reading “Dining at Gusto, Knutsford”