Why I Love High Energy Gym Classes

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As I was driving home from Metafit on Friday morning, I had the idea to write this blog post.

Since starting to take healthy eating and fitness seriously, my first ever gym class was Metafit. It was late 2014 and I was so unfit. But I went to the class to give it a try. Despite being petrified, nervous and on my own. I was totally out of my depth but I somehow found the determination to show up. Continue reading “Why I Love High Energy Gym Classes”

The Ultimate (Authentic) Mexican Feast

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In this post, I’m going to show you how to create an authentic, Mexican feast. Everything is so easy and simple, and I even throw in a veggie option. I made this for my friends a few weeks ago and they loved it. I hope you do too!

Continue reading “The Ultimate (Authentic) Mexican Feast”

Chocolate Cherry Protein Bircher

Overnight oats or birchers have become my go-to breakfast. But how do they work? Soaking the oats overnight makes them easier to digest. They’re also low in fat, and are a complex carbohydrate so they release energy slowly throughout the morning. You basically pop all the ingredients in a bowl the night before and enjoy them (eaten cold) the next day… Couldn’t be easier… Continue reading “Chocolate Cherry Protein Bircher”

Plastic Free July: week one update

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OK, so week one of Plastic Free July is over. Here’s how I got on and how I’m feeling about it all.

Let me start with this; I always knew the challenge would be tough. Mainly because: Continue reading “Plastic Free July: week one update”

Eating out at The Bear’s Paw, Sandbach

At home, The Bear’s Paw has always been a bit of a household name. It’s that beautiful pub nestled in the stunning countryside in a quaint village called Warmingham. Down the ‘back lanes’ in the middle of Sandbach and Middlewich, and not too far from Crewe. Continue reading “Eating out at The Bear’s Paw, Sandbach”

10 Best Soups in Southeast Asia

In the midst of British summer time, I’m sat here dreaming of soup. But in Southeast Asia, soup isn’t reserved for cold nights, or when you’re feeling a little under-the-weather. It’s quite literally eaten morning, noon and night by the locals, and I ate as much of it as I could whilst I was travelling.

Here’s my round-up of the top 10 soups and broths I ate whilst backpacking, including links (where possible) so you can go try them out yourself!

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Are we really eating plastic?

This week, I asked my Twitter followers to send me their best fish and seafood images. The results were absolutely stunning. We really are in love with this stuff. From king prawns in Spain, to mussels in Croatia you guys really came up with the goods! Continue reading “Are we really eating plastic?”

Love-yourself, brunch for one

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I recently posted this on my food-porn FILLED Instagram account and asked my beautiful followers if they wanted the recipe.

It proved to be one of my most popular posts that week, so I’m sharing it with you all because I’m such a nice and lovely person. You’re welcome!

Then, pondering a suitable title got me thinking. There is something a little sad about the recipe: it’s only for one. I toyed with ‘Lonely hearts, brunch for one’ but decided that was far too melancholy. Continue reading “Love-yourself, brunch for one”

I’m taking part in Plastic Free July

As you’re probably aware, there is a *slight* issue with plastic on the planet and within our oceans. And that is a very sarcastic understatement.

Inspired by my recent travels and my eco-warrior best friend, I’ve been looking into the state of plastic in our oceans and how it could affect our health by working its way into the seafood we eat. Ewwww. Continue reading “I’m taking part in Plastic Free July”

Vegan Eats at GRUB, Manchester

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Vegan food seems to divide opinion, particularly based on some of the social media comments I’ve read recently. But there’s no denying it’s showing up on my social media feeds, food events and menus more. than. ever. So what’s all the fuss about?

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