My Artisan Selection box has arrived!

My Artisan Selection Box from
My Artisan Selection Box from #artisanselection

My beautiful #ArtisanSelection box from has arrived, and first off I must say the delivery service was super-prompt. I can get a little impatient when it comes to food (because I love it so much, duhhh), so it was great they didn’t keep me waiting long at all!

I went for “The Foodie” – 8 assorted foodie-friendly Artisan selection items from their lovely range, and I let them surprise me, so had no idea what it was going to contain. It was as if they knew about my obsession with obscure and specialty teas (stemmed from a visit to Nepal in 2011) so I was delighted to see a box of wild, organic, hand-picked Mountain Tea from Greece… I have never seen anything like it, super intrigued… Cannot wait to try it. It also seemed a bit like magic that the box featured a chilli sauce – if you know me, you know I am obsessed with spice. These guys really do know their buyers & suppliers well, and I’m impressed already.

The box features a range of wonderful products, some local to the UK and some from as far afield as Italy & Greece! Details listed below:

~ Riverside Lifestyle Strawberry & Lavender Jam:

~ Chilli Drops ‘BollyGood’ chilli sauce:

~ Urbangrains Organic Mountain Tea:

~ Hasting’s Ketchup Company Lemon Ketchup:

~ Via Emilia Crema per Crostini di Olive Nere (Black Olive Crostini Spread):

~ Agnes Rose Raspberry Vinegar:

~ Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas:

~ Breckland Orchard Cherry & Plum Posh Pop:

I will be trying each item in turn, keeping you posted on what each one tastes like. I’m excited already. In fact, I think I fancy croissants with Strawberry & Lavender Jam for breakfast. Yum.

If you guys have any ideas or recommendations, please use the comments below to post them.

In the meantime, follow CompareYourSupplier (@UK_CYS) on Twitter for updates & information on their artisan selection boxes.

Love, Sophie -x-


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