Mr. Sherick’s Shakes

I was recently contacted by The Food Sauce UK to sample some of Mr Sherick’s gourmet milkshakes. Now available in selected shops across the UK, I get the feeling you may be seeing a little more of these naughty little bottles of pure indulgence.

“Crammed full of the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, beautifully blended with fresh British milk, and made extraordinary with exciting bursts of flavours and texture. A little bit of heaven in every bottle.”

That’s the description on their rather groovy website, and I must say, flavour-wise they do live up to expectations. I noticed that in a couple of the creamier flavours, palm oil was present on the ingredients list.

Although it says ingredients are ‘ethically sourced’ the individual ingredients are not listed, nor is there any mention of sustainable palm oil usage.

So, I contacted Mr Sherick himself to clarify. He got back to me right away to confirm that “the palm oil we use is from certified sustainable sources.” He went on to confirm that “all our ingredients are ethically sourced and our factory is SEDEX affiliated.” I suppose I was pleased to hear this (but it did seem a bit of a textbook answer).

I think they should make more effort to state this on their site, which is pretty but not very forthcoming with information.

A little background information:

Andrew Sherick, founder of Mr Sherick’s Shakes, former M&S Food Buyer and Chairman of the British Sandwich Association, launched his Shakes in Selfridges in late 2013. Consumer research and his own love of sweet, indulgent treats, identified a gap in the market for premium, luxurious milkshakes aimed primarily at adults.

Mr Sherick’s Shakes first launched in Selfridges in October 2013. Harrods shortly followed suit, as did selected Waitrose, Booths and Partridges. Alongside launching into some of these excellent food stores, they have also won a number of awards including the ‘Gold Innovation Challenge award’ at the Lunch! 2013 show, and ‘Best New Product of the Year 2014’ for the ‘Pot Au Choc’ shake, from The Grocer.

The flavours I sampled were:

  • Pot Au Choc
  • Hint of Mint (same base as Pot Au Choc but with a ‘hint’ of mint)
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Softly Banoffee
  • Strawberry Pavlova

I found all of the flavours to be truly indulgent, and at almost 500 calories per bottle – I wouldn’t expect any less! You can absolutely tell that they use ‘real’ ingredients, as none of the flavours are smooth – they each contain real pieces of the actual ingredients. For example, the Strawberry Pavlova contains real meringue pieces, and the Softly Banoffee contains real toffee pieces, and so on. I really liked this in the chocolate shakes (being a chocolate lover,) but it was quite strange swallowing real pieces of softened meringue with the strawberry shake. It’s nice to have texture, but I think it works better in some of the shakes than others.

Maybe I am missing something, but I do think it would help if their website contained the shakes nutritional information, so people could make more informed choices about whether or not they are willing to spend a big chunk of the days calorie intake in one small little bottle of joy. 🙂

Mr Sherick's Pot Au Choc flavour - yummy.
Mr Sherick’s Pot Au Choc flavour – yummy.

My favourite shake was by far the Pot Au Choc. You can really taste the Belgian chocolate – and I would certainly consider swapping this for a donut or a pudding after my lunch time sandwich… if I ever did that. The packaging and design is also gorgeous – certainly very aesthetically pleasing and unlike any other brand – I think a true representation that these shakes really are like no others on the shelves.

Overall, the shakes are lovely, once you get used to the texture, and sheer and utter indulgence. However, in recent times where people seem to be more and more health conscious (and becoming more attracted to ‘natural juices’ and ‘detox smoothie’ products), I am not sure these will be on the top of my shopping list, as I too am aiming to slim down for the summer!

Mr Sherick's Shakes - the full range in all their glory.
Mr Sherick’s Shakes – the full range in all their glory.

Disclaimer: Mr Sherick’s Shakes were sent to me on a promotional basis, to sample the flavours, via the wonderful The Food Sauce UK.