Review: Splendid Kitchen, Manchester

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend, his friend and I ventured out of Cheshire and into Manchester to get a proper ‘scran’ on and make the most of Splendid Kitchen’s 50% off food bill in April. In their own words:

“Splendid Kitchen serves a very British take on the best of American cooking. Our hot dogs are made using only the finest locally sourced butcher’s sausages and our beef burgers are hand made in house, while our Big Plates take influence from both Britain and the United States to create something we like to call ​’Northern Soul Food.’ “

So we were greeted & seated by very lovely, friendly staff. Great first impression. The place is casual, cool and trendy, which I liked a lot.

First off, the corn dogs were amazing – so fresh, perfectly seasoned sausage and the corn coating was light and fluffy, with a great mustard dip. Seeings as these guys specialise in sausages, and have their very own company, The Splendid Sausage Company – I expected nothing less, they really were fantastic.


Splendid Sausage Corn Dogs – yum!
Corn Dog with homemade mustard
Slider Sharer

We also tried the Slider Sharer and this was great, however I did think the half-brioche buns tasted a little stale, but, saying that – this could be because they are a part-bread, part-brioche mix which I am not used to, so that could explain the difference in texture!


A damn good tasting/looking chicken burger!
Monkfish Tacos
Onto the mains, a highlight for me was that chicken burger. It looked fantastic and tasted great too. Crispy, well seasoned and perfect amount of salad/slaw. The Porklife hotdog was also epic. Slight meat sweats induced afterwards but I would expect nothing less from such a mighty meaty morsel. I went for the Monkfish Tacos – slightly disappointed with these as the Asian slaw didn’t live up to much – but, I had plenty to be getting on with with my Pizza Fries, which were fantastic, and actually tasted just like PIZZA!

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Pizza Fries
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Chilli Fries with homemade Guacamole
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Pork Life Splendid Sausage Hotdog!
Other sides we tried were the Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese, and the Chicken Bites Mac n Cheese – both a little on the salty side but overall my friends enjoyed them. Naked fries were lovely, and the homemade Guacamole was delicious, fresh, very yummy.

Finally, the puddings. Bradley and I shared the Malteaser Chocolate Sundae, which was absolutely was heavenly – especially welcomed after such a savoury feast! It had loads of ice cream, fresh cream, toffee sauce and sprinkles, but somehow wasn’t too over-facing (despite what the photo my suggest!) The Blondie with ice cream and cream was so lovingly devoured by my friend that I can only but image he enjoyed this too. Don’t share dairy, kids!  As if we hadn’t had enough by this point, there was still room for a little strawberry milkshake, which was also delightful and I drank the whole thing in one.

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Epic ‘blondie’ for dessert
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Malteaser Chocolate Sundae was to die for!
A cheeky little strawberry shake to wash it all down
Overall, we really enjoyed the meal and would return. Next time I hope to attend one of Splendid’s Kitchen Takeovers, the Nasi Lemak on in May if I could but I am on holiday then! (It’s 18th May, a date for your diary!

We paid for our meal in full, less the 50% discount which has been on offer throughout April to celebrate Splendid’s birthday.