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Back to work, back to school. Same difference. We often all dread it. I hope your Monday wasn’t too horrific?

Some of you may not know this, but I used to work in a school as a teaching assistant. And I almost went back to uni to train as a teacher.

Then things changed. Government funding cuts back in 2011 meant my precious place on the PGCE Psychology course got scrapped. Along with that of about 15 students in the same boat as me. So, after a second attempt not working out either, I decided it wasn’t my destiny to become a teacher.

That’s when I took the opportunity to work for an IT company in Manchester and London. And here I am now working for a top digital agency near Chester.

But – my time spent as a teaching assistant was fun. I met some really smart, funny and creative kids. And also some right little sh*t bags. But, I can honestly say in their own ways, they were all fantastic and I do feel privileged to have worked with (and hopefully helped) some of those kids along the way.

So when the opportunity arose to help form this ‘healthy revision guide’ for GCSE students, I was keen to get involved.

A revision guide, with a difference

An online focus group took place to gather top revision tips and tricks. Those involved include current students, former students, health and fitness experts and teachers.  All giving their best tips for a healthy revision schedule covering topics such as diet, exercise, sleep and music and how they play a vital role in a young person’s revision tactics.

Cheshire Food Blogger

Eating the right foods during stressful times

Health food expert @SpamellaB gives her advice on the best food to eat during the exam period, and I have used her top tips as the featured image on this post (see above).

I think she is right, a mix of complex carbs and protein make for the best breakfasts. Eggs, milk, nuts, fruit, lean meat, baked beans, wholemeal toast are all great options. Bananas are life savers. Based on my experience, this advice for eating the right foods during exam times doesn’t just apply to students. In all walks of life, eating well, or as well as you can, during stressful times is key to getting through it in one piece!

Some days at work I find I am more stressed than usual. Perhaps because I have a lot on my plate or have a tight deadline to work towards. But sometimes, I actually know my stress levels are increased because I’m hungry. I just can’t function properly if I don’t feed myself well. This must also be the case for many young people who struggle through their exams due to eating badly, skipping meals or consuming too much sugar.

Eating better really can boost revision productivity, concentration and ultimately grades.

Below is a sneak-preview of pages within the revision guide, which you can download in full on the link below:

A Healthy Revision Guide For GCSE: Free Download


Cheshire Food Blogger

Cheshire Food Blogger

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