Brunch at TAKK, Manchester

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in Manchester for brunch. It was busy but my date and I managed to get a spot in TAKK; a cool artisan coffee house in the Northern Quarter.

The place was full, but after a few minutes lurking around outside, a table soon finished their breakfast and vacated, leaving room for two. YESSS!

We sat at the wooden table and I soon realised it was an old school desk, graffiti still intact. Pretty sure it said ‘Kelly woz ere 2005’ in faded Tipex, or something along those lines. Typical high school slang for the era 🙂 annnd that’s enough reminiscing about school for one day.

Anyway… We were ravenous so ordered straight away having only glanced at the menu for 30 seconds. The food offering was simple and to the point, which I liked a lot. Nobody wants to read a full-on menu at 11am on a Sunday morning. A side of A5 with about 6 options was just enough to pick your favorite, following your gut instinct. The coffee options were neatly scribed on the wall behind the counter.


Instagrammable Nordic coffee

The coffee in this place is some of the sexiest coffee I have ever tasted. It’s their own Nordic style espresso, which is roasted in Bristol (which got my thinking of that other awesome brunch I ate in Bristol last year). They serve it up nice and quickly too; despite being busy, they had the coffee on our table within about 3 minutes, which I was seriously impressed with!


Silky smooth but still strong enough to give you that much-needed Sunday morning caffeine hit. I was intrigued by the coffee called ‘Piccolo’ which was described by the chap at the counter as being “like a Cappuccino but without the froth.” As Cappuccino is my usual ‘go-to’ coffee and I love trying new things, I ordered it. It was delicious. I ordered another.

Beautiful brunches

I went for the poached eggs and avocado on toasted Trove bakery sourdough which was smothered in spicy nduja and topped with a herby sort of pesto. It was incredible. The eggs were poached to perfection and the whole dish just came together so well. It was presented perfectly too…



My date chose the “Takk M.A.C. Sandwich” with maple smoked streaky bacon, smashed avo, chipotle ketchup  served on Trove sourdough. Another perfectly balanced option which we were really impressed with.

Overall for one latte, two piccolo’s and two excellent brunch dishes the bill came to around £18. If I’d only had the one coffee it would have been about £16. Brilliant value for a delicious, honest brunch that was served with a smile and was on the table within 10 minutes of ordering.

Stunning coffee and simple but exciting, well-executed flavour combinations. Looking forward to my next visit already.




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I paid for my meal in full and the staff had no idea I was going to review the meal.


  1. 7 April 2016 / 8:09 am

    Ohhh those yolks look fantastic, need to try this place next time im in Manchester fo sho

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