November Active Wear Wishlist

It’s that time of year when going to the gym starts to become a real ball ache. It’s cold out, the nights are dark, and energy levels are slowly deteriorating as we slide into hibernation mode for Winter… BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON! 

It’s all very well eating my own body-weight in dough balls and pizza at a pizza master class, or scoffing the dirtiest burger I have ever seen on a recent trip to Scotland, but if I don’t balance it out with exercise I really do start to feel crappy, quickly.

So, I’ve put together a list of lovely active wear I’m lusting over at the moment, hoping it will inspire some of you to get out there, despite the freezing cold and darkness, and get your sweat on too.

Note: if you’re out and about running or cycling in the dark, visibility is so important. High-vis yourself up and carry a small torch or make sure you’re bike’s well equipped. No body wants a bump in the dark!

I’ve picked out the based from basics, to footwear, and then added layers for additional warmth too. Hope you enjoy.

The Basics

A bra top or sports bra and a decent pair of leggings are a must for any sweat-inducing activity. I’m blessed with not-very-big boobs so I can get away with a bra top, but I know you ladies with a little more ooomph need extra support, so a proper sports bra is probably best.

I love the colour khaki and anything earthy, natural and plain. Most of my current active wear is bright, brash and brazen with crazy colours as Aztec patterns, but I love how Adanola’s Autumn/Winter 16 range is very understated with greys, deep reds and this gorgeous ‘olive’ colour, which reminds me of khaki green.

I’ve picked out their Olive Bra Top and Olive Full Length Legging (full length is one hundred percent essential this time of year!) as they’re just stunning, aren’t they? The shiny detail on the waistband and bra is just stunning and I would never wear anything other than high-waisted gym pants now, so much more comfortable and practical. Image copyright:

The Trainers

I’m not a runner, so I have the freedom to go for trainers that are a little more ‘out there’ than say your average running shoe. As I mainly focus on HIIT, weights, rowing and spinning, I don’t need a trainer that’s specifically designed for exercise. So when I came across this gorgeous range of ‘Scandinavian sneakers‘ by brand WODEN, I had to include a pair.

I chose the white leopard pattern you can get from Tessuti, as their boldness goes so well with the understated, muted design of the bra and leggings, and still gives me chance to wear something with a bit of a pattern and personality. Image copyright:


The Extra Layers

As you will have noticed, it’s cold. Dragging myself to the gym in these treacherous conditions is bad enough as it is, so I always like to ensure I have some extra layers on me, to keep in the toasty warmth.

Some of the stuff My Protein is putting out at the moment is lush. I have a pair of their workout leggings and I absolutely love them, they’re a crazy mermaid pattern with blues and greens and they are just really cool. But, for my November wish-list, it’s all about the muted tones, and this long, pale pink tee and Under Amour grey sweatshirt are definitely the ones. They would match the Adanola Olive so well, introducing a couple of other colours into the mix. Image copyright: for the tee and sweater imagery.

The last thing I have included is a black, quilted, Rab jacket I found on Gear for Girls. Yes, Rab jackets are expensive, but they are the best of their kind and some of their new stuff looks good as well as being super practical. I think this super lightweight goose down  jacket would finish things off nicely! Image copyright:


So, there you have it, the active wear items I am loving this Winter. What’s your favourite sports / active brand? Do you like any of my selections? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.


  1. Jack
    2 November 2016 / 10:25 am

    I love this blog. Different theme this time but still great. Keep up the good work

    • Sophie
      2 November 2016 / 2:35 pm

      Hi Jack, amazing to hear from you! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes this one did branch out a little but so glad people seem to have liked it. I love fitness too so want to keep you updated where possible! best, Sophie xx

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