I’m taking part in Plastic Free July

As you’re probably aware, there is a *slight* issue with plastic on the planet and within our oceans. And that is a very sarcastic understatement.

Inspired by my recent travels and my eco-warrior best friend, I’ve been looking into the state of plastic in our oceans and how it could affect our health by working its way into the seafood we eat. Ewwww.

I also recently watched A Plastic Ocean on Netflix, have you seen it? That’s also given me a kick up the arse to do something about all this plastic-clogging-up-the-oceans-and-killing-all-the-sealife issue, which is HUGE.

So to show my support for the cause and hatred for single-use plastic, I’m taking part in the Plastic Free July challenge;  aiming to raise awareness of the problems with single-use and disposable plastics.

What is Plastic Free July?

It’s where more than one million people take part in the challenge to do something about single-use plastics. You know, those pesky plastics that we use for just a few minutes, but that stay on the earth forever. Think straws, plastic bags, coffee cups and most food packaging. Plastic is an issue on the planet because it never decomposes, all the plastic that’s EVER been made is still on earth, in some shape or form.

Read: some amazingly put together stats on the state of plastic in the ocean here.

Plastic is clogging up landfills and ending up in the oceans, and it’s killing so much marine life. However, those fish and shellfish that do make it out alive and on to our plates for a delicious seafood supper – can contain plastic within them too. Which means humans who are eating seafood ARE consuming plastic.

What sort of things can I do to take part?

To take part initially you can #ChooseToRefuse main offenders, such as:

  • ALL forms of plastics bags
  • Plastic straws
  • Disposable coffee cups
  • Beauty products containing microbeads
  • Plastic water and fizzy drink bottles

Want to find out more about the state of our oceans first?

Read my post (going live next week) that celebrates our LOVE for seafood and highlights why reducing plastic consumption is vital for our oceans, marine life and potentially our health.

If you haven’t yet seen it, watch A Plastic Ocean on Netflix or here: www.plasticoceans.org/film.

Where do I sign up for the challenge?

Visit www.plasticfreejuly.org/getting-started for all you need to know to sign up and accept the challenge.

Or if you’d rather watch from afar (at first!) then FEEL FREE to watch me work my way through the month, avoiding AS MANY single-use plastics as physically possible!

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