Nantwich Food Festival

Nantwich is such a beautiful market town, and quite a foodie hub, actually. There are a number of nice places to eat there, some lovely coffee shops, and of course, the annual Food Festival.

The festival is free to attend and runs from Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September.  It’s a weekend full of food, drink and other treats from suppliers all over the country. As I was off on holiday to Malta, I could only attend for a few hours on Friday morning, but I went along to see what was cracking!

But first, coffee  ☕️

When I arrived, I needed coffee. I headed to the far end of the festival, away from the town centre just down Love Lane. If you know Nantwich, you’ll know how lovely and quaint this area is. But, if you don’t, I’ve included plenty of images!

I came across The Little Italian Van, who were serving up lovely coffees and biscuits from their van; perfect. I ordered a flat white a millionaires’ shortbread and both were absolutely gorgeous.

Inside the huge event tent, there are so many different stalls. It’s packed full of exhibitors from garlic, cheeses, cupcakes, cured meats, condiments and even some beauty and lifestyle stalls.

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The first stall that caught my attention was Greka Foods. They make Mediterranean-inspired tomato sauces, jams and marmalades, based on seasonal ingredients. I tried their tomato sauce with feta and their amazing sour cherry jam. Both were incredible!

Next door to Greka was a natural beauty stall, who had some really gorgeous and affordable beauty products, too. I gave their eye cream and moisturiser a go and they were both lush.

It was really nice to see natural skincare products at the festival alongside all the amazing food and drink items on offer!

Everybody getting involved

Outside were loads of great stalls too, but it was early Friday morning and most of them were just prepping and setting up for the weekend. I spotted a Greek souvlaki stall, a ‘Champers van,’ cheese stalls, fudge, macarons fine wines, craft gins and lots of pastries.

It was good to see local favourites Chatwin’s and Enzo Coffee Shop getting in on the action, too. Enzo was full of people sat outside in the morning sunshine enjoying their coffee. And Chatwin’s were selling freshly baked gourmet loaves from the front of their shop too!

Free cooking demos!

Another absolute highlight of the festival was the sheer amount of cooking demos they manage to fit in! They have a great food theatre where they hold loads of different cooking showcases. I got to meet chef Clover who was cooking up a storm on behalf of Fisher and Paykel appliances.

To see chef Clover in action and the incredible dish she cooked head over to my next post; Malaysian Fish Curry with Fisher and Paykel…

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  1. 19 September 2017 / 11:06 am

    I love Nantwich. Such a pretty little town, I’m sorry I missed this festival.

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