Food and Wine in Valletta, Malta

This tiny, old town is Malta’s capital. But there is nothing about it that implies capital city. It’s quaint, quiet and very Instagrammable, which is no surprise, as it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Valletta has also been named as 2018’s capital of culture, which should make next year an incredible time to visit.

It’s very easy to get lost wandering these streets, honing your photography skills, but we had dinner plans…

Ambrosia Restaurant, Valletta

I was lucky enough to be invited along to Ambrosia, one of Valletta’s oldest and finest restaurants. They’ve been serving Mediterranian and Maltese inspired dishes here since 1985, and that shows in their experience and the classical feel to the place and menu.

It’s a short walk from the ferry stop and once you arrive you’ll see most of the seating is outside. We dined at 8pm on a Wednesday and there was a singer on the same street so serenaded we were as we chatted, dined and drank.

We wanted to sample the menu, the best of Maltese/Mediterranean cuisine, so we were treated to a bit of everything, plus accompanying wines.

I hope you find my review comprehensive, and that it inspires you to put Ambrosia on your list of places to eat in Malta!

Fizz and the first courses

Whilst we sipped our crisp, dry Prosecco we nibbled on olives and homemade hummus, and the gazpacho arrived. A light, rich tomato soup that was so satisfying and really got our taste buds ready for the next courses!

The goat’s cheese souffle and warm asparagus salad with pecorino cheese were both absolutely gorgeous. The souffle was cooked to perfection and the asparagus was tender, but still with bite and texture.

Fish course and Maltese white wine

For the fish course, we tried the seasonal lampuki goujons served with a tartare sauce. Lampuki is the Maltese name from mahi-mahi fish, which migrate past the Maltese islands during Autumn making September the perfect time to eat them! A meaty fleshed, light tasting fish that is best served simply, and this combination was gorgeous.

Another fish dish we sampled was the king prawn risotto, another corker of a dish which would be great as a light main course too. With the fish, we enjoyed a sharp, Maltese sauvignon blanc (in fact all the wines we tried were Maltese…) which I’d recommend, especially to accompany starters and a fish course.

where to eat Malta Valletta

Meaty main courses and more lush Maltese vino

We sipped on a Maltese Syrah, and after a break, we had main courses to tend to! Stuffed quail and braised rabbit with dates.

Both dishes were great, but the quail stood out. The stuffing was just divine! All sagey and with a little crunch from the walnuts, it was delicious. Another wine that we tried with the mains was a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot mix, another lush Maltese wine! We were pretty much in food and wine heaven….  So. Much. Food!

Did somebody say sharing pudding?

So do you reckon we could fit any more food in? Pffft. This is me and Lucas… We can pretty much eat for England. Bring on the sharing pud!

This was an absolute beauty! CREME CARAMEL ICE CREAM. Divine. Homemade lemon cheesecake. Lush. And the Maltese classic dessert Imqaret; deep-fried date pastries. Heavenly! They’re crispy, warm, sweet and there’s a hint of savoury in the filling too from the aniseed/cloves.

Well, a true feast was had, don’t you think? Do you think you could eat as much as we did? Hit us up on Twitter haha, we’d love to challenge you! 😋🍴

I’d like to thank the owners of Ambrosia Restaurant for inviting me along to sample their food in exchange for a review. We had the most wonderful evening of food and wine and the servers were lovely too. As always, all opinions are my own and are totally honest.

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