30 day booze detox: I made it halfway

Day 15. So far, this is easier than I thought.

I’m halfway through a 30-day ‘detox’ from alcohol which I challenged myself to earlier this month.

So far, I’m not missing wine. And I honestly, honestly cannot believe it. But, it’s true. I don’t miss wine yet? It’s crazy. When is the fiend and longing for a large glass of Argentinian Malbec going to kick in? I dunno. But it’s not happened yet… Kind of waiting for it to hit me.

I’ve (accidentally) become a minor connoisseur of zero-alcohol beer (blog post round-up soon to be comin’ at cha) and I really like the stuff. I’ve also developed the belief that every bar should have at least one, really decent zero alc beer on offer. But more on that in the blog post dedicated to the best booze-free beers and where you can find them.

In other news… I do actually feel more alert and have been more productive than usual. I can’t go as far to say I feel happier (as I had a mini breakdown the other day) but so far, I do feel better. Less anxious somehow.

I’m sleeping like a log every night and do seem to have more energy. However, my gym-game is still not as strong as it used to be. But I’m working on that in my own time and know I’ll get back to my former fitness eventually. I just need to take my time and not try to be perfect all at once. Thanks, mum, for the wise words, and for comforting me through said mini breakdown. I love you.

So that really is just a quick, raw update on how the hell this is going. I’m honestly surprised that I’m finding it easier than I thought. A full update will follow at the end of the 30 days… And that all important booze free beer post!

Love Sophie x

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