How to Create a Morning Routine

Lockdown screwed up all forms of routine, didn’t it?

On reflection, I’m not convinced I even liked my old routine, to be honest. But at least back then, life did have structure!

Pre-lockdown, a typical day fit a lot in. And I mean A LOT. Up at 5:30am/Quick coffee on the go/Hit the gym to train 6am-7am/Head to work listening to a podcast in the car/Shower and get ready at work/At my desk for 7:30am/Grab breakfast in the canteen/Work work work work work…

When I look back, I was exhausted. That routine actually wasn’t sustainable. I was heading for burnout, big time.

So that’s what brings me to today’s post sharing my current morning routine and how I (eventually!) found something that works. It’s not perfect, there’s been trial and error and I’ve had to work at it. But right now – this is what’s working for me!

My morning routine

  • 6:30am Fitbit alarm wakes me up, anywhere in between 6:15 – 6:30am
  • 6:35am Soon after that, it’s time for a strong cup of tea! This is absolutely non-negotiable, and I like to sit down with my brew, wake up and take it all in.
morning brew
  • 6:45am As I’m enjoying my brew, I make some notes in my journal just to get anything off my mind. I find this helps ease anxieties and get my head in the right frame of mind to tackle my day. Let me know if you’re interested in me sharing my journal prompts! The power hour podcast has really helped me with this!
my favourite local spot to walk
  • 7:00am Movement! Another non-negotiable. Depending on the day, this can be anything from a full body workout, a walk in the park with a decent podcast, a quick HIIT session, or even just a few stretches that feel good.
that post-workout glow!
  • 7:45am Shower/Wash/Freshen up. Grab a quick smoothie and get ready for work.
  • 8:15am Sit at my desk to tackle; life admin, blogging or starting work early if I need to. This is a great time to do those tasks that have been on my to-do list forever!
  • 8:45am Breakfast. I’ll make anything from avocado toast, crumpets, eggs, granola and yoghurt or oats. Just anything that’s quick, filling and nourishing/healthy. And probs have another brew!
  • 9:00am Start my working day.
Note: The above might look really rigid, but it’s not.

The only element of the above that is rigid is the 7am start time for my chosen movement. Whether it’s a walk, a workout or some stretches I generally find that I have to start this on or before 7am in order to have enough time to get the most out of it and still be showered, ready, fed and at my desk for 9am!

How do I find a morning routine that works for me?

This sort of thing takes commitment and time, and with that comes trial and error. I tried various things over lockdown and all but the above routine really worked for me. And now, because it does work so well, it’s become a daily habit which means I don’t even think about it any more, I just do it.

For example, I tried morning meditation, thinking it could be a great thing to do to start my day, particularly as I suffer from anxiety. But it didn’t work as I found my mind wandering way too much. Hence why a brew and some quick journalling ended up making the cut because it just worked well for me. It’s a really personal thing, so give a few things that interest you a try until you find something that feels right and makes you feel good!

Why is a morning routine important?

For me it’s all about getting into the right frame of mind, starting my day on a positive note. When journalling, I set my focus and intention for the day and this part, for me, has been an absolute game-changer. Asking questions like “What energy do I need to bring to today?” and “Who can I learn from today?” and “What one thing can I do today that’s going to take me closer to where I want to be one year from now?” has really worked to give myself the morning kick-up-the-arse I so desperately needed!

Another incredible benefit is that it frees up my evenings. I have a stressful full-time job where I work long hours, so I personally find that this me-time in the morning is time extremely well spent as sometimes after work I’ve just not got the energy – mentally or physically – to start working out or doing life admin!

And I guess the final main benefit is that it makes me feel good. It frees my mind of guilt and makes way for more positive energy and productivity, which I am really trying to channel as much as possible at the moment!

Have I always been a morning person? No.

Have I had to work at it? Yep.

But honestly, it’s worth it!

Do you have a morning routine? If not, would you like one? How did lockdown affect your old routines? Has anything good come from the trial and error of switching it up a bit?!

I’d love to hear from you, head over to @sophiesscran on Instagram and let’s chat! Or leave a comment below 💗

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