About Me

A good few years ago, I had a high-pressure office job in the IT industry. It was all spreadsheets and conference calls and it drained me of my creative capabilities.

So, I took matters into my own hands and started a food blog. I channelled my hobby of home-cooking into a cute little website and people started to follow along.

Fast forward four years, and I’m still blogging about the food I eat, the places I love, and how I try to maintain good health and happiness. Sharing my recipes, showcasing local food businesses, offering my restaurant recommendations and more.

Oh, and thanks to my blog I also work as a freelance marketing manager now too!

Follow me as I try to maintain balance and happiness through food, travel and fitness.

Yours truly, Scranners -x-
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A little bit more about Sophie (aka Scranners)

  1. For a small person, I seriously eat a lot.
  2. I’ve taught myself to love exercise and now I can’t get enough.
  3. I love going outside for fresh air; running, walks, hikes!
  4. I really wish I owned a bike.
  5. Shopping and eating local is a bigger priority for me now (2018) than ever before.
  6. I once quit my corporate marketing job to travel South East Asia.
  7. I’m hopelessly in love, with Marmite.
  8. For my love of the environment and body, I eat lots of veg.
  9. I work for myself so I can fully control my own schedule.
  10. I absolutely love a good list.
  11. I’m happiest when… dipping salted tortilla chips into organic hummus and sipping an ice-cold Kona Big Wave. HELL, YES!

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