My Story

I started Sophie’s Scran in 2014 as a creative project to channel my energy into something other than work.

When my blog began, eating out became part of my agenda more than ever. I wasn’t overweight, but I did find myself piling on the pounds. Having a desk job and being seated 90% of my day, the sedentary lifestyle and rich diet was making me feel sluggish, low, stressed and completely lacking energy. Something had to change!

So I got off my arse and joined the gym and somehow, over time managed to cultivate a love for working out, moving my body and reaping all the benefits that brought to my mental and physical health.

My mantra is now Eat Well – Move More – Feel Better and I incorporate this into my daily habits to keep my mental health in check, and have ended up feeling fitter than ever before in my thirties!

I hope you’re inspired by my content and find it helpful in some way.

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