Pub in the Park is coming to Knutsford!

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Ever heard of Pub in the Park? It’s a food-meets-music festival set up by none other than Michelin starred, TV-chef Tom Kerridge. In 2018 it’s coming to Knutsford, so here are all the details you need to sign-up for first-release tickets and see what and who is gonna be cooking!

With a tagline like “Gourmet Food, Cracking Music, Lush Vibes” what’s not to love?!

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Eggie Crumpets with Marmite and Feta

I can’t express how much I love crumpets. And my absolute go-to is always to have them toasted (so the bottom is crispy) then smothered in Lurpak, then Marmite.

But, I wanted to come up with a recipe that’s a little bit more special. Perhaps, dare I say, for Christmas morning. 🎄🍴 Continue reading “Eggie Crumpets with Marmite and Feta”

Sky High Tea With Roberts Bakery #EmbraceTheNew

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Well, that was an experience.

High tea 100ft high in the sky. Elevated above the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Accompanied by no less than the typical Manchester weather… Peeing down with rain. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US! Nope. Up we went, and you know what… It was ACE! Continue reading “Sky High Tea With Roberts Bakery #EmbraceTheNew”

Spooky late-night eats at Cottonopolis, Manchester

Trick or treat? A bit of both, really.

Last week I went to a very Secret Supper at Cottonopolis in the Northern Quarter. Have you eaten here yet? Their food is fantastic and they know how to put on a good show too…

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Malaysian Fish Curry demo by chef Clover

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In my last post, I told you all about the fun I had and FOOD I ate at Nantwich Food Festival a couple of weeks ago. Although it was only a fleeting visit, I was lucky enough to get to see a full cookery demonstration.

The recipe? Malaysian fish curry. I couldn’t have been happier with Clover’s choice of recipe to show us. Inspired by my recent travels to Southeast Asia, and especially George Town, Malaysia… I’ve been keen to bring some of those flavours into my own kitchen.  Continue reading “Malaysian Fish Curry demo by chef Clover”

Nantwich Food Festival

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Nantwich is such a beautiful market town, and quite a foodie hub, actually. There are a number of nice places to eat there, some lovely coffee shops, and of course, the annual Food Festival.

The festival is free to attend and runs from Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September.  It’s a weekend full of food, drink and other treats from suppliers all over the country. As I was off on holiday to Malta, I could only attend for a few hours on Friday morning, but I went along to see what was cracking! Continue reading “Nantwich Food Festival”

AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest

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When I was invited to this I was so excited, but I was totally stupid, read the email wrong, and up until the day itself thought it was to be held outside Manchester Town Hall, not Bolton Town Hall. I’m ridiculous. I know. But that’s another matter, and one I’m sure my friends will never let me live down. Thanks, guys.

I’ve quickly been able to get over that embarrassing hiccup. I’m hoping Aiden Byrne is able to do the same, after this disappointing and tasteless so-called Pop-Up restaurant, which was priced at £60 per head and was held in the event’s ‘luxury marquee’. Continue reading “AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest”

The Revival of Altrincham Market

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Today I’m posting an article I wrote some time ago* for As Jo needed to free up some space on her site, the article is available again. So as I really enjoyed writing it, I thought I’d re-share it on the blog. Hope you enjoy.

At Taste Today, you know we love good food. Particularly when it’s local, fresh and made with plenty of love. Especially when it’s well located with a bustling atmosphere making it a great place to sit, chat, and chow down. The perfect recipe for good times… we think so. And boy do they roll at Altrincham’s wonderfully renovated Market House.

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Aperol Spritz Socials, Manchester

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Last week I was in need of a vitamin D injection. The weather was pretty haywire, one minute it was cloudy, the next sunny. Then rain. Then wind. All I wanted was S U N. Luckily, the bright orange beverage that is Aperol Spritz did manage to quench my appetite for sun shine. It feels very summery indeed. Continue reading “Aperol Spritz Socials, Manchester”

Food-related Father’s Day Gifts

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Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. Whether it’s your old man (who actually is getting on a bit), a new Dad or a Dad-to-be, we often find ourselves asking “what should I get him for Father’s Day?”

So, shout-out to all the last-minute gift buyers out there! But fret not, as food always has the answers. And here’s why: Continue reading “Food-related Father’s Day Gifts”