REVIEW | Vegan Mexican food Manchester: Los Antojitos

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I dunno if you noticed, but I love Mexican food. On my travels in Southeast Asia, I was lucky enough to spend a considerable amount of time with my Mexican friend, Edgar. He told me all about what Mexicans eat. And crucially, what they don’t eat, and interestingly, the difference between ‘Tex-Mex’ and ‘Mexicali’ variations of their original, authentic food.

It’s a compliment however, when the people of Texas and California copy the flavours of Mexico and invent their own dishes. Like crispy fish tacos and burritos. But recently I went to try some vegan Mexican food in Manchester (Chorlton-cum-hardy)! Here’s what I thought… Continue reading “REVIEW | Vegan Mexican food Manchester: Los Antojitos”

Enzo | Pizza for Breakfast in Manchester City Centre

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Enzo, Manchester, 20 Fountain Street, M2 2AA.

Last weekend I joined some other bloggers for brunch at Enzo in Manchester’s city centre. This place is an absolute (kind of hidden) gem. It’s literally just off Market Street, behind Primark, which makes it the perfect stop off for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you’re hitting the shops. Their coffee is lush too, I had my usual soy flat white and it was perfect. But it was the brunch menu that really had me intrigued! Continue reading “Enzo | Pizza for Breakfast in Manchester City Centre”

Review | The Inn, South Stainley, Yorkshire

There’s the little place up north, nestled in between Harrogate and Ripon, called South Stainley. No, I’d never heard of it either, but I guess I wouldn’t have, as I don’t venture north of Manchester very often.

There are lots of fields and greenery and cosy, country pubs and inns. There’s wildlife and great scenery and did I mention, lots of lovely pubs?

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Eating in your PJs with M&S Food

Who’s staying in tonight? I have become a little bit of a hermit. It might be to do with my 30-day detox. Or just the plain and simple fact that it’s FREAKING FREEZING OUTDOORS. And, I have a cold.

It’s also the height of Autumn, approaching Winter. So for me, this is ‘staying in’ season.

For a single girl, cooking for one is often a bit of a faff. Even when you are a foodie. Freelancing from home means I often work 9+ hour days to fit everything in, so sometimes I just want an excellent meal, made for me, that I can eat in the comfort of my own home. In my favourite PJs. Is that too much to ask? Am I being unreasonable?

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Northenden Hive Creates a Buzz in South Manchester

Manchester Foodie Pop Up Food Blogger Guest Post

Hey guys, I’ve got something a little different for you this week. A guest post from my good friend James, a food-loving aspiring writer from Manchester. I met James on my travels earlier this year, in Goa, where we shared some fab travel experiences including eating alllll the amazing Indian food! But today James is taking over my blog to tell you all about Manchester’s latest foodie pop-up, and it sounds absolutely delicious! 😋

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The Boundary Bar, Stockport

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I recently dined at this cute little eatery on Didsbury Road, Stockport. The decor, drinks selection and menu were all lovely. Here’s what I thought of the food, drinks and service 😋 Continue reading “The Boundary Bar, Stockport”

Sky High Tea With Roberts Bakery #EmbraceTheNew

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Well, that was an experience.

High tea 100ft high in the sky. Elevated above the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Accompanied by no less than the typical Manchester weather… Peeing down with rain. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US! Nope. Up we went, and you know what… It was ACE! Continue reading “Sky High Tea With Roberts Bakery #EmbraceTheNew”

Spooky late-night eats at Cottonopolis, Manchester

Trick or treat? A bit of both, really.

Last week I went to a very Secret Supper at Cottonopolis in the Northern Quarter. Have you eaten here yet? Their food is fantastic and they know how to put on a good show too…

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Food and Wine in Valletta, Malta

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This tiny, old town is Malta’s capital. But there is nothing about it that implies capital city. It’s quaint, quiet and very Instagrammable, which is no surprise, as it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest

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When I was invited to this I was so excited, but I was totally stupid, read the email wrong, and up until the day itself thought it was to be held outside Manchester Town Hall, not Bolton Town Hall. I’m ridiculous. I know. But that’s another matter, and one I’m sure my friends will never let me live down. Thanks, guys.

I’ve quickly been able to get over that embarrassing hiccup. I’m hoping Aiden Byrne is able to do the same, after this disappointing and tasteless so-called Pop-Up restaurant, which was priced at £60 per head and was held in the event’s ‘luxury marquee’. Continue reading “AIden Byrne’s Pop Up Restaurant, Bolton Food Fest”