What is a flexitarian? Someone who *actually* eats a varied diet?

what do flexitarians eat?

This week, I reached an all time, millennial-hipster high.

I used my Keep Cup to earn me a discount on my flat whites (because plastic cups are the enemy). I worked as a freelancer from a shared, city centre work space (because office-based working isn’t for me hence why I quit my job to travel). And I went to IKEA to buy succulents (’cause apparently I find comfort and satisfaction in caring for squidgy, spiky green plants).

My eating habits got decidedly hipster this week, too.

I heard the term ‘flexitarianism’ a few times last year and at first I thought what a load of millennial, hipster rubbish. But one week into Veganuary (I want to learn more plant-based cooking) and I realise, I actually am a true ‘flexitarian…’ but what the hell does that mean?! Continue reading “What is a flexitarian? Someone who *actually* eats a varied diet?”

Popular Posts of 2017

Manchester food blogger - Sophie's Scran

Well, the time is here. The end of the year, and what a year it’s been!

I think (give or take) this has been the best year yet for me. Both personally, and professionally. Because of that, my blog has taken a bit of a hit, but I got big plans for 2018: more recipes, reviews and foodie rambles with a flexitarian focus (yes, I’m that hipster) and just generally more of me being me. You know you love it 😇

Read on for a quick round-up of Sophie’s Scran best bits of 2017…  Continue reading “Popular Posts of 2017”

RECIPE | Curry Noodle Soup (Khao Soi)

Sophie's Scran - food blogger Manchester, recipe developer and freelancer

So this is my first blog post in a while, soz guys. I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Christmas is crazy, isn’t it? But so worth it, as I think I actually just had the best Christmas ever.

But after alllllll the turkey, the pigs in blankets, the stodgy leftovers, I needed something spicy and full of veg. So I looked back to my time in Thailand as a trusty source of inspiration. And it didn’t fail me… Continue reading “RECIPE | Curry Noodle Soup (Khao Soi)”

Enzo | Pizza for Breakfast in Manchester City Centre

Manchester food blogger

Enzo, Manchester, 20 Fountain Street, M2 2AA.

Last weekend I joined some other bloggers for brunch at Enzo in Manchester’s city centre. This place is an absolute (kind of hidden) gem. It’s literally just off Market Street, behind Primark, which makes it the perfect stop off for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you’re hitting the shops. Their coffee is lush too, I had my usual soy flat white and it was perfect. But it was the brunch menu that really had me intrigued! Continue reading “Enzo | Pizza for Breakfast in Manchester City Centre”

How To Do A Cheap Weekend In London

food blogger

I’ve toyed with the idea of living in London a couple of times in my life.

It’s so expensive. But all the good stuff is there.

It’s overcrowded. But it’s exciting.

I’d have to live in a rip-off, teeny-tiny flat. But that could be fun. Continue reading “How To Do A Cheap Weekend In London”

Eggie Crumpets with Marmite and Feta

I can’t express how much I love crumpets. And my absolute go-to is always to have them toasted (so the bottom is crispy) then smothered in Lurpak, then Marmite.

But, I wanted to come up with a recipe that’s a little bit more special. Perhaps, dare I say, for Christmas morning. 🎄🍴 Continue reading “Eggie Crumpets with Marmite and Feta”

Review | The Inn, South Stainley, Yorkshire

There’s the little place up north, nestled in between Harrogate and Ripon, called South Stainley. No, I’d never heard of it either, but I guess I wouldn’t have, as I don’t venture north of Manchester very often.

There are lots of fields and greenery and cosy, country pubs and inns. There’s wildlife and great scenery and did I mention, lots of lovely pubs?

Continue reading “Review | The Inn, South Stainley, Yorkshire”

Eating in your PJs with M&S Food

Who’s staying in tonight? I have become a little bit of a hermit. It might be to do with my 30-day detox. Or just the plain and simple fact that it’s FREAKING FREEZING OUTDOORS. And, I have a cold.

It’s also the height of Autumn, approaching Winter. So for me, this is ‘staying in’ season.

For a single girl, cooking for one is often a bit of a faff. Even when you are a foodie. Freelancing from home means I often work 9+ hour days to fit everything in, so sometimes I just want an excellent meal, made for me, that I can eat in the comfort of my own home. In my favourite PJs. Is that too much to ask? Am I being unreasonable?

Continue reading “Eating in your PJs with M&S Food”

30 Thoughts for 30 Days Sober

food blogger booze detox

That title makes me sound like a bit of an alchie but sums up the post well it’s staying. As you know, I did 30 days off the juice earlier this month (read why here), so consider this a debrief post if you like.

Overall, I enjoyed it. The best thing? Honestly? No hangovers. Having a clear head, every day. Felt amazing and it’s something I’m gonna embrace more in the future.

But for now, here’s my very honest and frank actual 30 thoughts I had on my 30 days teetotal, zero-alcohol detox: Continue reading “30 Thoughts for 30 Days Sober”

Northenden Hive Creates a Buzz in South Manchester

Manchester Foodie Pop Up Food Blogger Guest Post

Hey guys, I’ve got something a little different for you this week. A guest post from my good friend James, a food-loving aspiring writer from Manchester. I met James on my travels earlier this year, in Goa, where we shared some fab travel experiences including eating alllll the amazing Indian food! But today James is taking over my blog to tell you all about Manchester’s latest foodie pop-up, and it sounds absolutely delicious! 😋

Continue reading “Northenden Hive Creates a Buzz in South Manchester”